At the UN: Cuba condemns illegal U.S. transmissions

UNITED NATIONS, April 27.—Cuba has once again condemned as a violation of international radio-electronic regulations the radio and television aggression it suffers from the United States, PL reports.

Pedro Núñez Mosquera, its permanent representative at the UN made that condemnation during a debate in the Information Committee of the General Assembly.

The diplomat noted that these illegal radio and television broadcasts falsify and distort information. He recalled that one month ago, the Radio Regulations Board of the International Telecommunications Union reiterated that those transmissions provoke interference that is damaging to Cuban stations. “Last February alone, stations located in U.S. territory broadcast 2,185 hours of illegal transmissions every week,” he stated.

He noted that a number of these stations belong or lend their services to organizations linked to terrorist elements living and acting against Cuba in U.S. territory with the consent of federal authorities.

“The U.S. Congress annually approves a budget of $30 million-plus of federal funds for these kinds of actions,” he said, adding; “the decision on what kind of information is desired by the Cuban people corresponds in a sovereign manner to our country and not to those who, within the U.S. administration, misspend tax payers’ contributions and conspire with terrorist elements in their plots against the Cuban Revolution.”

Translated by Granma International


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