Socialism is the only guarantee of our liberty and independence

• Speech by Army General and President of the Councils of State and Ministers Raúl Castro Ruz, presented during the closing of the 7th Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power 6th Ordinary Period of Sessions, within the Convention Palace on December 18, 2010, 52nd Year of the Revolution

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The empire stands accusedThe empire stands accusedThe empire stands accused

Taken from CubaDebate)

JULIAN Assange, a man known only to a very few in the world some months ago, is demonstrating that the most powerful empire to have existed in history can be challenged.

The daring challenge did not come from a rival superpower; from a state with more than 100 nuclear weapons; from a country with millions of inhabitants; from a group of nations with vast natural resources which the United States could not do without; or from a revolutionary doctrine capable of shaking to its foundations the empire based on plunder and exploitation of the world.

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Clinton’s lies

(Taken from CubaDebate)

IT truly pains me having to deny it. Today he is nothing more than a simple fellow consigned to history, as if the empire’s history, and even more importantly, the history of the human race, were guaranteed beyond a few dozen years, without a nuclear war breaking out in Korea, Iran or some other area of conflict.

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Fruitful debate on first 128 guidelines in National Assembly

● Cuban Five send message to parliamentary session

ON the second day of the 6th Ordinary Session of the 7th Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power, proposals from deputies on the Economic and Social Policy Development Project of the Communist Party and the Revolution were debated and clarified through its Chapter 5.

Photo: Ismael FranciscoPresided over by President Raúl Castro, Thursday’s session covered the project through Guideline 128, and Marino Murillo Jorge, minister of economy and planning, with the support of arguments from other ministers, explained the concept of the document, beginning with its antecedents and going on to the central ideas contained in the first five chapters.

After the discussion on each group of guidelines, Murillo concentrated on proposals made by deputies, followed by more speeches from parliamentarians, which made it possible to cover every issue in a fruitful manner.

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From today, deputies to discuss the Economic and Social Policy Development Project

Raúl presides over the opening of the sixth period of sessions of the 7th LegislatureNational Assembly of People's PowerTHE National Assembly of People’s Power is to begin to discuss in its plenary session the Economic and Social Policy Development Project of the Communist Party and the Revolution. For such an important moment and having studied the document, the 430 deputies conveyed more than 700 proposals to the parliamentary secretary, which will serve as a basis for the discussions.

From today, deputies to discuss the Economic and Social Policy Development Project In yesterday’s session, presided over by President Raúl Castro, Marino Murillo Jorge, minister of economy and planning, gave a wide-ranging speech in which he analyzed the economic results of this year, outlined the projections for the 2011 economic plan and responded to questions and comments from a number of deputies.

Lina Pedraza, minister of finance and prices, detailed the updating of the country’s taxation policy.

The National Assembly began yesterday by recalling Alfredo Morales Cartaya, who died recently and was an outstanding revolutionary who devoted his life to the labor unions and the Communist Party.

As has been announced, Cuban TV’s “Roundtable” at 6:00pm and Cubavisión and Radio Rebelde at 9:20pm, will broadcast summaries of the debates of each session of the National Assembly.

Translated by Granma International

We Cubans are dissatisfied with the documents presented

Speech by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, in the closing session of the 16th UN Environmental Summit

• Thank you very much, dear Patricia*:

I should like to acknowledge Mexico and your effective presidency that has brought us to this point.

I understand the fatigue of all of us in this room and I also understand your enthusiasm.

I believe that this conference stands in sharp contrast with the failure of Copenhagen in terms of the universal participation in democratic and transparent procedures.

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