The Philippines-Cuba Friendship Association or AMISTAD Is an organization of Filipinos from different sectors of the Philippine society who have come together in friendship and solidarity with Cuba, a nation with rich culture, democratic governance and sovereign economy. It was founded in 1987. It also accepts foreign friends who support Cuba duly referred by friendly organizations. It aims to establish friendship and to promote solidarity, mutual understanding and strong people-to people relations between the Cuban and Filipino peoples. AMISTAD members come from among the workers, peasants and agricultural workers, women, youth and students, artists, media, professionals and from the urban poor communities.


1)Study and know more about the Cuban people, their society and their history and culture.

2)Initiate and promote greater understanding between the Cuban and Filipino peoples through various programs and exchanges.

3)Organize solidarity activities in defense of the interest of the Cuban people against the hostile acts from outside their country.

4)Encourage interested individuals and groups to participate in AMISTAD and Free the Cuban 5 activities.

5)Establish AMISTAD chapters and the Free the Cuban 5 Committees in educational institutions, in key cities, provinces and regions.

♦ fora, roundtable discussions on Cuba and photo exhibits
♦ film and video showing on Cuba’s health and education system, history & culture, Cuban 5, US Blockade among others.
♦ commemorate the important national days of Cuba like the Liberation Day on January 1, Bay of Pigs (Playa Giron) invasion on April 19, Moncada Day on July 26 and others.
♦ actively participate in the internationally coordinated solidarity activities for justice and freedom of the Cuban 5 from September 12 – October 6 every year. On Sept 12, 1998 the 5 Cuban patriots were arrested and incarcerated in the US jails on charges of terrorism.
♦ solidarity protest against the: (1) US Blockade and the Bush Plan against Cuba, (2) the use of Human Rights issues to pressure Cuba, and the (3) release of international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles from US prison by the US court last May 2007amidst worldwide protests and to demand for his extradition to Venezuela for trial.
♦ active recruitment of members through these activities.
♦ other activities which will be decided during board meetings and general assemblies.


The Free the Cuban 5 Committee is the most developed and has its plan of action based on the AMISTAD plan and ensures that more people are made aware of why the Cuban Five were arrested and jailed by the US. It is involved in the campaign to release the Five which includes forum and screening of films on the Five and petition signing. It also reaches out to the other Cuban 5 Committees in other countries to exchange experiences, most specially with the US National Committee to Free the Five since the Cuban 5 are in the US jails. It plans and actively implements the internationally coordinated solidarity actions for the Five every September to October.


♦ Cultural
♦ Education
♦ Media/Information
♦ Membership Finance
♦ Free the Cuban 5

You can visit and sign on the Online petition for the Cuban 5:
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