International Brigade “50th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution”

Dear Friends:

Next year the Cuban Revolution will arrive to its 50th anniversary: 50 years of solidarity and friendship between Cuba and the peoples of the world.

From October 5th through 19th, our Institute will welcome the “50th Anniversary of the Revolution” International Brigade and friends coming from all over the world will enjoy this unique opportunity to celebrate this important date in Cuba.

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Statement Issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba

On April 22 last, the Government of the United States issued a press release which was distributed by its Interest Section in Havana in which it “deplores” the immediate and spontaneous reaction by our people against the gross and shameless provocation that a handful of counterrevolutionary individuals attempted to orchestrate the day before at the Revolution Square.

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Call for the IV Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of Solidarity with Cuba

The Sri Lankan National Preparatory Committee

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP)

Dear friends of Cuba and members of the Friendship Associations with Cuba in the Asia-Pacific region:

As part of the efforts and will of the Cuba’s supporters in order to work together in the strengthening of the solidarity movement, the Sri Lankan National Preparatory Committee and the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples will hold the IV Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of Solidarity with Cuba aim at following the first Regional Conference held in Calcutta, India, the second one in Hanoi, Vietnam, and the third one in Chennai, India.

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Peace and Prosperity

Pope Benedict XVI outsmarted Brown, the British Prime Minister, who replaced Blair, whom I met and spoke with for a few minutes during a recess at the WTO Second Conference in Geneva 10 years ago; it was following his speech and I was expressing my disagreement on the matter of an incorrect sentence he used about the social situation of British children. Brown’s voice, positions and tone at his press conference in the presence of Bush, gave me the impression that he is self-assuming as his predecessor in the leadership of the Labor Party. The activities of the new British Prime Minister, coinciding with the Pope’s visit, were just like those of a leader of the government of a banana republic.

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Call made in Havana to increase actions for for the release of the Cuban Five

The delegates to the VII Hemispheric Conference against Free Trade Agreements proposed to increase the joint actions for the release of the Cuban Five Heroes and approved the creation of a commission within the Continental Social Alliance to support their cause as a response to a call made by Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada.

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Bush, War and the Desperate Struggle for a Slice of Life

In the reflection titled “Bush in the Sky”, published by our newspapers this past March 23rd, I claimed Bush would get up to his old tricks during the NATO meeting in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, held from the 1st to the 3rd of April.

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The Chinese Victory II



(Part II)

When the First World War broke out in 1914, China joined the allies. As recompense, China was promised that the German concessions in the province of Shandong would be returned at war’s end. After the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which President Woodrow Wilson imposed on friends and foes alike, the German colonies were transferred to Japan, a more powerful allied than China.

Thousands of students gathered in Tiananmen Square on May 4, 1919 to protest this move. The first triumphant nationalist movement in China was born there. Called the “May 4th Movement”, it brought the petite and national bourgeoisie and the workers and peasants under one coalition.

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