Youngest generations to lead and close the May Day parade in Plaza de la Revolución

THE youngest generations are to lead and close the parade on Saturday at Plaza de Revolución, in which workers from the capital and their families will celebrate May Day.

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12,986 delegates elected

• Second round on May 2 to elect remaining 2,107 delegates
Susana Lee

Your browser may not support display of this image. ACCORDING to the final figures on last Sunday’s elections, 12,986 delegates were elected, 86% of the 15,093 seats to be covered in the 169 Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power.

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At the UN: Cuba condemns illegal U.S. transmissions

UNITED NATIONS, April 27.—Cuba has once again condemned as a violation of international radio-electronic regulations the radio and television aggression it suffers from the United States, PL reports.

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Venezuela commemorates bicentenary of the independence struggle with patriotic event

• Raúl attends 9th ALBA Summit and commemorative events in Caracas
Jorge Martín Blandino
CARACAS, April 19.—The 9th Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), which ended last night in a Teresa Carreño Theater filled with thousands of Venezuelans, was an excellent culmination of the celebrations for the bicentenary of the beginning of the independence struggle in this country. It was a beautiful event that had this capital vibrating with patriotic fervor, solidarity and overwhelming demonstrations of support for the Bolivarian Revolution.

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Most Distinctive: the Massive and Active Participation of our People


            Most Distinctive: the Massive and Active Participation of our People

Ana Maria Mari Machado, president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), told Granma

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Saving life, saving Mother Earth


• Cuba will firmly and resolutely support the Cochabamaba agreements, affirms Vice President Esteban Lazo • Evo gives the losing speech and Chávez calls on everyone to prepare for the Mexico Summit

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Nidia Diaz
• IT would not be exaggerated to state that Tiquipaya, a small locality in unredeemed Cochabamba, is making history. More than 20,000 people, clinging to the final hope of saving the planet, or Mother Earth, are meeting there.
Five heads of state and two Nobel Peace laureates are accompanying them on this noble crusade in which the very existence of today’s world is at stake.

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