Cuban Victory in the Human Rights Council



The Human Rights Council (HRC), having concluded its fifth period of sessions in Geneva, decided to discontinue the mandate of the so-called Personal Representative of the High Commissioner on Human Rights for Cuba, thus putting an end to the manipulative efforts on the part of the United States in the subject of human rights against our country.

This decision of the body which will replace the discredited Human Rights Commission constitutes a historic victory in the struggle of our people to enforce justice and to put an end to the anti-Cuba exercise conceived by the United States precisely as a pretext to maintain and exacerbate its genocidal policy of blockade and aggression against Cuba.

With this decision, the Human Rights Council recognizes the unjust, selective and discriminatory nature of the actions which for two decades have been perpetrated against our country, and it vigorously denies the rumours about the resolutions and mechanisms which the American government has succeeded in imposing upon the defunct Human Rights Commission through coercion, threats and blackmail. Continue reading


The case of the Cuban Five: A BBC interview with Gerardo Hernandez

The case of the Cuban Five

July 3, 2007
Reprinted from
BBC World Service

In 1998, Cuban citizens Ruben Campa, Rene Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Luis Medina and Antonio Guerrero were arrested in Florida.

They were tried and convicted of using false identification, espionage and conspiracy to commit murder.

All five were convicted in December 2001 and awarded sentences ranging from 15 years to a double life sentence.

The five have always claimed they were protecting the people of Cuba from assassination attempts and terrorist plots by anti-Castro exiles living in Miami. However, the U.S prosecution claimed their actions were unlawful and the men subsequently made a series of appeals to try and overturn the decision.

A new hearing is scheduled for August in Atlanta, Georgia where three appeal judges will decide whether to overturn their conviction and grant a re-trial.

In the first ever media interview given by any of the prisoners News hour’s Claire Bolderson spoke to Gerardo Hernandez from his maximum security prison in Victorville, California.

First broadcast 2nd July

Click here to download full interview transcript in PDF format.