Absolute Transparency

Who can doubt it? Observers from all parts and varying shades have attended the elections in Venezuela on November 23, 2007. They have reported with absolute freedom. The oligarchy cried out like mad to the world the coarse slander that the extension of the voting hours at the polling stations, giving the citizens the possibility to cast their vote, was intended to commit fraud, even though the National Election Council had previously decided to do so and had announced it.

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As if there were not enough reasons to go mad, the proliferation of acronyms related to the crisis is such that one can hardly understand them. The first was the G20, a selected group meeting in Washington that pretended to represent all. The second was the also selective APEC group which met in Lima. There was the richest country, the United States; this is number one, with a per capita GDP of 45 thousand dollars a year. But there was also the number 100 country, the People’s Republic of China, with a per capita GDP of 2,483 dollars; this is also the number one investor in US Treasure bonds.

Now, G192 is the way that Leonel Fernandez, President of the Dominican Republic, which is not a member of either of the two, calls the member countries of the United Nations attending an economic conference with Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate of Economics.

George Soros, an immensely rich magnate of Hungarian descent and an American citizen, was one of the attending personalities.

One would have to be a chess player to disentangle the arguments of so diverse national and business interests as are represented in the G20 and the G21.

The truth of the matter is that if a Third World country signed free trade agreements with eight or ten developed or emerging countries, –some of them traditional producers of abundant and attractive low cost goods or sophisticated industrial products, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, etc.– the nascent industry of a developing country would have to compete with the sophisticated products of the most developed countries’ industries or the hard working hands of their powerful partners, one of which handles world finances wantonly. The only thing left to them would be to produce inexpensive raw materials requiring large investments ultimately owned by foreign companies fully protected from nationalizing whims. They would only have their extended hands waiting for a pious development support and an eternal debt to be repaid with their children’s sweat. Isn’t this what has been happening until today?

That’s why I don’t hesitate to show my solidarity with Chavez’s position as he said that he disagreed with Lima’s recipe. There are plenty of reasons. Let’s see how the situation unfolds, and keep demanding out rights without ever bending our knees.

Fidel Castro Ruz

November 23, 2008

7:30 p.m.

Estella Calloni

Her book Operation Condor denounces a number of atrocious crimes recently committed by the United States against the Latin American peoples. It is a basic text to understand the true meaning of the Yankee imperialism. It is the most objective and detailed denunciation I’ve read to this day, written with great style and eloquence. She offers an impressive list of outstanding figures, both military and civilian, vilely murdered inside and outside their respective countries, including such prestigious personalities as the Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, the Chilean Generals Schneider and Prats, presidents of other nations, and the conspiracy in Chile which led to the death of Salvador Allende and the establishment of a fascist government. There were U.S. Presidents directly involved, like Nixon, Reagan and Bush, sr. Estela is known in our country for that work.

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The Third Hurricane

It could loose strength but it is already raining in most of the country. It’s raining on farming areas absolutely drenched by the recent rainfalls. The water reservoirs filled up to almost full capacity due to hurricanes Gustav and Ike will be releasing water on cultivated fields and valleys. This already happened at the end of August and early September. This hurricane has been given the misleading name of Paloma.

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The November 4th Elections

Tomorrow will be a significant day. The world public will be following the United States elections there. It is the most powerful nation on Earth. Actually, with less than 5% of the world population it swallows every year great amounts of oil and gas, minerals, raw materials, consumer goods and sophisticated products brought from overseas. Many of these, particularly the fuels and those extracted from mines, are non renewable.

It is the largest arms producer and exporter. Its industrial military complex also has an insatiable domestic market. Its naval and air forces are deployed in scores of military basis located in the territory of other nations. The United States strategic warhead-carrying missiles can reach any place in the world with absolute precision.

A great number of the cleverest minds in the world are uprooted from their original countries and placed at the service of the system. It is a parasitical and plundering empire.

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Meeting Lula


It’s not the money injection per se to the developing countries that I criticized in my reflection yesterday, as some press dispatches chose to interpret.


When I spoke of The Worst Choice, I was thinking of the objectives of the money injection and the way it was given. I have been analyzing the idea that the financial crisis is the consequence of the privileges granted to the United States developed capitalism at Bretton Woods in 1944. At the end of World War II, this country was emerging with a considerable economic and military power. The phenomenon tends to repeat itself every so often.

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The Worst Choice

Today, I read that the US Federal Reserve had opened a new line of credit for the Central Banks of Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Singapore.


            The same report claimed that similar credits have been issued to the Central Banks of Australia, Canada, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and the European Central Bank.


            Based on these agreements, the Central Banks shall receive funds in exchange for hard currency reserves from these countries which have sustained considerable losses due to the trade and financial crisis.


            This way the economic power of the US currency is asserted, a privilege granted at Bretton Woods.


            The International Monetary Fund, which is the same people under a different name, has announced the release of high sums of money to its clients in Eastern Europe. Hungary will be receiving the equivalent of $20 billion euros; a large part of these are dollars coming from the United States. The machines keep minting bills and the IMF keeps granting its unfair loans.


            On the other hand, the World Wild Fund stated in Geneva yesterday that at the present spending rate, by 2030 humanity will need the resources of two planets to keep up its life style.


            The WWF is a serious institution. There is no need to be a University graduate of Mathematics, Economics or Political Sciences to understand what this means. It’s the worst choice. The developed capitalism hopes to continue plundering the world as if the world could still stand it.


Fidel Castro Ruz

October 30, 2008

8:05 p.m.