Leaving aside the problems afflicting human beings today, our Homeland had the privilege of being the cradle of one of the most extraordinary thinkers born in this hemisphere: Jose Marti.

Tomorrow, May 19th, will be 115th anniversary of his glorious death.

It would not be possible to appreciate the scope of his greatness without bearing in mind that the drama of his life was written with such extraordinary personalities as AntonioMaceo, an everlasting symbol of revolutionary firmness and the protagonist of the Baragua Protest, and Maximo Gomez, a Dominican internationalist and a teacher of Cuban combatants in the two wars of independence in which they took part. The Cuban Revolution, that for more than half a century has endured the battering of the most powerful empire that ever existed, was the result of the teachings of those predecessors.

Despite the fact that four days of entries to Marti’s diary have remained out of reach to historians, what is reflected in the rest of that carefully written personal diary and other documents belonging to him suffices to know the details of what happened. Just like in the Greek tragedies, it was a discrepancy among giants.

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Europe needs to take a fresh look at our region. You should accustom yourselves to treating us as equal partners

Speech by Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, minister of foreign affairs, at the meeting of foreign ministers at the 6th European Union- Latin America and Caribbean Summit, Madrid, May 17, 2010.

I would like to thank Spain and Foreign Minister Moratinos for the conditions they have created for this Summit.

Your browser may not support display of this image. I remember the first European Union- Latin America and Caribbean Summit in 1999 in Río de Janeiro. Acknowledged European leaders proposed the idea of establishing a bi-regional strategic association and there were some optimists among our countries. Curiously, Europe was coming direct from the NATO Summit in which, in the face of so-called global threats, a new doctrine was adopted that treated Latin America and the Caribbean like “the Euro-Atlantic periphery.”

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Statement from the International Relations Committee of the National Assembly of People’s Power of the Republic of Cuba

ON April 23, Jan Brewer, governor of the state of Arizona, United States, publicly announced Law SB1070.

This law, of a profoundly racist and xenophobic nature, allows the police to use racial profiling to detain any person if they have “reasonable suspicion” that the person concerned is an illegal, thus criminalizing undocumented immigrants and creating an atmosphere of generalized persecution of all immigrants who, in the near future, will be constantly subjected to arbitrary detention, searches and humiliation, including deportation to their countries of origin. This is occurring in a state in which one third of the population is made up of Latino immigrants and in which 300,000-plus undocumented workers, in the main Mexicans, have taken on the hardest jobs in long and interminable days of agricultural harvests in return for miserable wages.

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Strengthening our ability to confront disasters

Preparation for and the undertaking of activities to respond to the extreme situations of natural disasters will be the central theme of the Meteoro 2010 exercise which this year takes place in two stages over a total of five days.

According to information provided to the press by the National Civil Defense Chief of Staff, the first of these stages will take place from May 21 through 23, and will be fundamentally directed at strengthening the country’s capacity to respond to the occurrence of intense earthquakes, seaquakes and other extreme situations involving natural disasters.

The second stage will take place from June 25 through 26 and, on this occasion, the principal objectives will focused on activities responding to intense earthquakes and seaquakes.

Cuba has carried out the Meteoro exercise every year since 1986. The exercises are designed to improve the actions of the defense councils at all levels, as well as leadership and command bodies and the population in general, when confronting these destructive phenomena.

Translated by Granma International

The odious tyranny imposed on the world

OUR era is characterized by an unprecedented fact: the threat to human survival imposed on the world by imperialism.

The painful reality should not come as a surprise to anybody. We have seen it coming at an accelerated pace in recent decades, at a rate difficult to imagine.

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Raúl presides over central May Day parade

Your browser may not support display of this image. PRESIDENT Raúl Castro is heading the central parade in Havana for International Workers Day, in which Cubans are repudiating the media campaigns of the United States and the European Parliament against the island.

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Millions of Cubans take to plazas and avenues this May Day

FROM an early hour, millions of Cuban men and women have been invading the principal plazas and avenues of the island’s municipal and provincial cities, where parades for International Workers Day are taking place this Saturday.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Television footage and radio reports reveal the mass nature, enthusiasm, color and combativeness of these mobilizations, the first of which begins in Santiago de Cuba, whose General Antonio Maceo Plaza is overflowing with tens of thousands of happy and patriotic people.

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