12,986 delegates elected

• Second round on May 2 to elect remaining 2,107 delegates
Susana Lee

Your browser may not support display of this image. ACCORDING to the final figures on last Sunday’s elections, 12,986 delegates were elected, 86% of the 15,093 seats to be covered in the 169 Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power.

The above details are part of preliminary results for the first round of the current local elections, given yesterday in a press conference by Ana María Mari Machado, president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), who added that, given ties or the failure of candidates to obtain more than 50% of valid votes cast, the remaining 2,107 will be elected in a second round convened for next Sunday, May 2 in hundreds of constituencies in all the country’s municipalities, including Constituency 36 in Santa Cruz del Sur, where there was no voting due to the death of one of the candidates.

She said that, on computerizing the data from Sunday’s elections, more than 200,000 citizens with the right to vote (for diverse legally anticipated reasons) were added to the Electoral Register and that a total of 8,205,994 electors voted, 94.69% of those registered, 29,903 more than those who went to the polls in the last local elections (2007), and she highlighted the participation, for the first time, of around 320,000 young people.

The president likewise emphasized that voting was in excess of 92% in all provinces and in the special municipality of the Isle of Youth.

Another noteworthy aspect was the high total of valid votes cast, more than 91%, which is high even for elections in Cuba, and noted that non-valid votes broke down to 4.58% blank and 4.33% spoiled ballot slips.

Machado announced that reviewing and confirming all data was still underway, meaning that when all the figures are reconciled, some could undergo minimal but possible modifications, both in terms of the Electoral Register and other indicators. Hence her insistence on the preliminary nature of this information, as a rigorous validation takes some time. Only after completing this process are electoral statistics given official status.

She also highlighted the mass turnout and discipline of the electorate, the ethical and professional conduct of electoral authorities, the constant collaboration of mass organizations at constituency level, the support of agencies in assuring the process, and the role played by the media, all of which contributed to the successful organization of these elections.

Translated by Granma International


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