Now is the time to do something

I shall recount a little bit of history.

When the Spaniards “discovered us” five centuries ago, the estimated figure for the population of the island did not exceed 200,000 inhabitants, who lived in harmony with nature. Their principal sources of food came from rivers, lakes and seas rich in proteins; they additionally practiced a rudimentary agriculture which provided them with calories, vitamins, mineral salts and fiber.

The habit of producing cassava, a kind of bread made from yucca, is still practiced in some regions of Cuba. Certain fruits and small wild animals complemented their diet. They brewed a drink with fermented products and contributed to world culture the in no way healthy custom of smoking.

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Miami: billboard to the Cuban Five taken down

• FOR 24 hours an air of tolerance and freedom of expression could be breathed in Miami. But not for much longer. On January 11, exercising its right to freedom of opinion, the Martí Alliance, an organization of Cubans and Latin Americans advocating relations of friendship and mutual respect between the United States and the free nations of America, attempted to express a message of solidarity and a demand for the release of the five Cuban anti-terrorists unjustly incarcerated in U.S. jails.

As we published in the last edition of Granma International, a billboard with the faces of the five anti-terrorist patriots, surrounded by a beautiful Cuban flag and demanding their liberation, could be seen on the central 37th Street in the northwest of Miami, with no other intention than to call for the justice denied them in a Federal Court in south Florida, a billboard for which the organization had a contract with Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

The text simply stated: “Free the Cuban Five.” •

Those now protecting Posada also conspired against Kennedy


Jean-Guy Allard

• WHEN asked if those currently protecting the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in Miami belong to the same Cuban-American mafioso family which conspired to assassinate Kennedy in the 1960s, Division General (ret.) Fabián Escalante Font, for years head of Cuban State Security, affirmed, “It’s the same mob.”

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Obama’s speech in Arizona

I listened to it yesterday when he spoke at the University of Tucson during a tribute to the six people murdered and the 14 injured in the Arizona massacre, and in particular to the Democratic Congresswoman for that state, seriously wounded by a shot to the head.

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Statement from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs

ON January 11, 2011, the United States government announced new measures in relation to Cuba.

Although it is necessary to await the publication of the regulations in order to understand their true significance, according to preliminary information released by the White House press office, the measures will:

* Authorize travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens for academic, educational, cultural and religious purposes.

* Allow U.S. citizens to send limited remittances to Cuban citizens.

* Authorize U.S. international airports to request permission to operate charter flights to Cuba under certain conditions.

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Terrorist Posada Carriles’ defense limited to attacking Cuba

WASHINGTON, D.C. January 13.— The defense team of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles at his trial for immigration offenses in the United States is limited to attempting to demonize Cuba, a U.S. activist stated today.

In a telephone interview with PL, Gloria la Riva, member of the National Committee to Free the Five, noted that during the opening of the trial in El Paso, Texas, lawyers for the accused tried to disqualify documents and statements from Cuba.

She revealed how, using many technical terms, Posada’s lawyers stated that the defendant never lied on denying his involvement in the Havana hotel bombings, which killed one person, because he was only the leader and, as such, was speaking in general terms.

“It is obvious that they have a very weak defense, because Posada Carriles clearly lied, although he only faces charges for perjury and immigration fraud,” La Riva emphasized. The U.S. authorities are not considering the terrorist record of the accused.

For his part, attorney José Pertierra, who is representing the Venezuelan government at the trial, indicated that the lawyers tried to convince Judge Kathleen Cardone to authorize then to inform the jury that Cuba falsified records, distorted evidence and is fabricating witness testimonies.

However, the judge rejected those arguments on the grounds that the defense failed to present concrete evidence, CubaDebate adds.
Translated by Granma International

Cuba Terms a Provocation US Officials Meeting with Mercenaries

14 de enero de 2011, 09:05Havana, Jan 14 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) termed a provocation a meeting of senior officials from the US Department of State with mercenaries at the service of their government.

  Such action is a blatant violation of international rules that control relations between the States and an offense to the Cuban people, which has been faced the US hostility for over 50 years, the document stated.

This action once more reaffirms that there are no changes in Washingtonâ�Ös subversion and interference policy to Cubaâ�Ös internal affairs, the MINREX said.

Its priority is to encourage internal counterrevolution and foster destabilizing activities, while intensify the blockade and the persecution of Cuban commercial and financial transactions worldwide, the text stated.

The meeting took place on Thursday with a group of mercenaries, whose activities against the Cuban constitutional order are led and financed by the US government, the declaration said.

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