Cuba exports medical equipment all over the world

• The national health system has at its disposal technology developed by an industry with 25 years of experience

BY LILLIAM RIERA —Granma International staff writer—

MEDICAL equipment for cardiology and clinical neurophysiology services, some in the final phase of testing before production is begun, are among the products developed by a Cuban industry born 25 years ago.

This industry is composed basically of the Cuban Neuroscience Center (CNC) and the Central Institute for Digital Research (ICID), both part of the West Havana Scientific Complex.

The devices and equipment produced have been installed within the network of Cuba’s national health system hospitals, where they contribute to improving the population’s quality of life, and are sold in a number of countries where they are sought for their excellence and competitive pricing.

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Dear Randy

January 8, 2008

Dear Randy:

I read in the newspaper that you will devote today’s Round Table program to Bush’s trip to the region of his wars of conquest. It’s a miracle the escort ships accompanying the Harry S. Truman nuclear aircraft carrier didn’t fire at the Iranian vessels in the Ormuz Straight that guard Iran’s coasts.

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