Salvador Allende: His Example Lives On

(Translated by ESTI)

HE was born one hundred years ago in Valparaiso, in southern Chile, on June 26, 1908. His father, a middle-class lawyer and notary, was a member of Chile’s Radical Party. When I was born, Allende was already 18 years old. He was pursuing secondary studies in high school in his native city.

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The Elephant and the Ant

It would seem there’s no topic worthy of addressing that would not bore our patient readers, after the Round Table program of June 12, which dealt with the new edition of a book published in Bolivia 15 years ago, featuring now a prologue I wrote. During this program, an introduction was also read written at a later date by Evo Morales and a message from the prestigious Argentinean writer Stella Calloni, to be included in an upcoming edition. I had carefully chosen the information I used for that prologue.


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Cuba registers therapeutic vaccine for lung cancer


THE first therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of advanced lung cancer has been registered in Cuba, the only one for this type of malignancy world-wide, reported the national news agency, AIN.

Named CIMAVAX EGF, the antigen has been shown to be effective, extending patients’ survival and quality of life, said the doctor of biological science, Gisela González, manager of the project.

The expert explained to the press that the drug was developed at the Molecular Immunology Center (CIM), one of the flagship institutions within Havana’s Scientific Pole.

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Amistad Denounces the Atlanta 11th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision on the Cuban Five

Philippines-Cuba Friendship association (AMISTAD)


The Philippines-Cuba Friendship Association or AMISTAD and its Free the Cuban 5 Committee extend heartfelt solidarity to the Cuban 5 unjustly jailed by imperialist US in the various US prisons for almost 10 years now. The Cuban 5 were in fact gathering information on the U.S.-based Cuban exile groups planning terrorist attacks on Cuba. They were anti-terrorists not terrorists.

We strongly denounce the Atlanta 11th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision on June 4, 2008, which upheld the convictions of the five Cuban patriots accused of spying in the United States.

A three-judge panel announced the verdict in a 99-page ruling which upheld the sentences of Rene Gonzalez (15 years) and Gerardo Hernandez (2 life sentences plus 15 years). The case of Antonio Guerrero (life plus 10 years), Ramon Labañino (life sentence plus 18 years) and Fernando Gonzales (19 years), were sent back to the Miami court for re-sentencing.

The judge who will convene a new special hearing to issue the next ruling on the three Cubans is Judge Joan Lenard, the judge in the original trial in Miami, who openly displayed her unethical conduct and biased against the Five in 2001. The ruling which clearly favors the US government states that the defense arguments are “meritless”.

Last August 9, 2005, the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit granted a new trial for the Five. The lawyers of the Cuban 5 after that positive decision, prepared for the second trial knowing they could win but Washington decided to appeal the decision of August 9th to the entire 11th circuit court of Appeals. Twelve (12) judges heard the case. The en banc decision by 11th Circuit Court of Appeals last August 9 this year, denied the latest appeal for a new trial for the Cuban 5. Two of the judges hold on to their position one year ago declaring the Miami trial as null and void, while ten judges ruled the opposite.

The Five were in solitary confinement for 17 months after they were arrested on September 9, 1998; suffered tremendous difficulty in communicating with their lawyers; and subjected to a lot of pressure and anti-Cuban hysteria, since their first “trial” was held in Miami where the rabid anti-Cuba community resides. The biased local media which unleashed anti-Cuba propaganda were found out eventually to be paid employees of the anti-Cuban propaganda machine of the US government.

Their families have difficulty getting visas to visit them. The wife of Gerardo up until today was not allowed to visit her husband. The wife of Rene Gonzales has applied for a visa for the ninth time. This is a severe violation of the visitation rights of immediate family members of the prisoners.

We extend our deep appreciation and respect to families of the Five who in spite of the prolonged agony and suffering from the years of separation continue to be strong and committed in seeing the Five finally free.

It is clear to that nothing good can be expected from the US courts which are beholden to its imperialist master.

The Philippines-Cuba Friendship Association or AMISTAD and its Free the Cuban 5 Committee

call on all Filipinos to join the solidarity actions to FREE THE CUBAN 5 and to END US intervention in Cuba. Let us build and strengthen solidarity of peoples at the international level who value independence, sovereignty, peace and democracy.

Concretely, we urge you to organize petition signing activities, discussion groups, forum, film showing and other creative activities which will make the cause of Cuba and the Cuban 5 known to as many Filipino people. Let us encourage them to join the solidarity movement for Cuba and against US intervention and aggression. Let us reach out to the youth and students, workers, peasants, communities, professionals, parliamentarians, personalities and media so we can be a strong and big force of friendship and solidarity for the Cuban people.

Let us unite with other movements both here and abroad which are concerned with building solidarity with Cuba and genuinely pursuing the anti-imperialist struggle.

Lastly, it is also important to link up the struggle of the Cubans with our own struggle for sovereignty, peace and democracy. There are many similarities in our situation and this is especially true on the case of the Cuban 5.






June 23, 2008, Philippines

On the occasion of the picket-rally at the US Embassy by the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) – May First Movement Labor Center, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle – Philippine Chapter and Amistad to protest the Atlanta 11th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision on June 4, 2008, which upheld the convictions of the five Cuban patriots accused of spying in the United States.

The United States, Europe and Human Rights

(Translated by ESTI)

The discredited way in which the European Union suspended its sanctions on Cuba on June 19 has been reported in 16 international press dispatches. It has absolutely no economic effect on our country. On the contrary, the United States’ extraterritorial laws and, thus, its economic and financial blockade are still fully in effect.

At my age and given my state of health, one cannot be sure of the time one has left to live. Nevertheless, I want to express my contempt for the immense hypocrisy of that decision. Such hypocrisy is made all the more evident by the brutal European measure to expel illegal immigrants from Latin American countries, some of which have populations which, in their majority, are of European origin. Immigrants are also the fruit of colonial, semi-colonial and capitalist exploitation.

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Elián González joins the Union of Young Communists

ELIÁN González was one of the 18,000 middle school students who became members of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) in a series of simultaneous events that took place throughout the country on June 14.

Elián, together with one of his
classmates, during the event in
which he received his UJC membership
on June 14.

“We say to the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, and President Raúl Castro that they can rely on these valiant troops, that we will continue to follow their example and never disappoint them”, said Elián in a statement published in the newspaper Juventud Rebelde.


“Although it is an occasion for great joy, we also know that we are taking on a tremendous responsibility and there are great challenges to be faced in every school where we continue our studies, in order to become the educated individuals that our homeland needs,” he affirmed.


Receiving the UJC membership card is a commitment to continue, with strength and dedication, the work that was forged for us by independence leader Antonio Maceo and Argentine/Cuban guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara, he added.


“One of our principal tasks, he continued, will be to demand justice for the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters imprisoned in the United States since 1988.”

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Why Bush let the cockroach in Former Bolivian “Minister of Death” granted asylum in U.S.



CARLOS Sánchez Berzaín, a strongman for the murderous Sánchez de Lozada administration who ordered the 2003 massacre of workers in Bolivia and who Bush is now allowing to relax on the beaches of Miami, calls himself Chulupi, the Guaraní word for cockroach.


If being a collaborator of the Central Intelligence Agency gave off any kind of odor, Carlos Sánchez Berzaín would be smelled a mile away.


His entire past shows him to be a faithful servant of the United States, exactly as the deceased CIA agent Philip Agee described in his book, Inside the Company: CIA Diary.

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