Blockade on Cuba: an Embarrassment for the USA and their vassal Israel

By Pedro Paneque Ruiz / Radio Cadena Agramonte

It could not have been otherwise, good sense and good judgment prevailed during the voting of the Cuban report at the U.N. General Assembly. Once again most of the member nations supported the island country in its demand. So for 22nd time in a row, the majority (188 States out of 193 members) said YES to the draft resolution which demands the end of the U.S. blockade on Cuba.

It is certain that the Yankee Empire (the United States) and their most faithful vassal, Israel -and I say vassal because empires do not have allies as history has proved so- once again were the only member nations at the UNO that said NO in a bid to perpetuate this genocide. A policy that has brought about a tragic toll for all Cubans and in a course of over 50 years has included deaths and irreparable damages to the people’s health and the country’s economy.

But there is something more, Obama’s administration has tightened the siege impeding the Caribbean country to buy products of American origin and has expanded the extraterritorial character of this policy, becoming a sheer punishment to the islanders for we have not betrayed our principles, our political system and our humane programs. 

Recently, a young friend asked me what was really the objective of voting a Cuban report on the need to end the US blockade on the island at the UN General Assembly, because since he had full control of his own senses he had always heard of the blockade and he suffered because of it, but the U.S. successive administrations hadn’t done anything to lift it.

The voting is simple the universal condemnation of the international community of nations, because this aggressive plan against Cuba is framed as an act of genocide, according to article 2 of the Geneva Convention. Then I wonder how much the country could have done in all fields for the development of its inhabitants, if it were not for the blockade and its causes, a strategy of domination that the United States have pondered for ages.

But there is more, if there were a contest among countries that are habitual liars, the United States would be the champion. Unilaterally, Washington has included Cuba on a list of state sponsors of terrorism, without admitting that notorious terrorists walk freely in that country; that is the case of Orlando Bosh (already dead) and Luis Posada Carriles, masterminds of the bombing of a Cubana airliner off the coast of Barbados, or the case of Herminio Díaz, of whom The National Enquirer recently published that had close links to the CIA and the Mafia, and even assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd 1963. 
In spite of the harshness of the enduring economic, financial and commercial blockade, it is also true that the Cuban people are committed to move forward, aware that some day the blockade will be lifted. Sooner or later, our grandchildren or great-grandchildren will see the end of this ill-advised and archaic policy and will no longer be subjected to its consequences, even though they miss the embarrassment which is for the United States and Israel the voting of the Cuban report at the UN General Assembly.  


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