Reading, Passport to Human Development

Havana, Oct 23 (Prensa Latina) Reading is the passport to human development, social, economic, it is freedom, agreed here today participants in the International Congress To Read the 21st Century.

Fabiano dos Santos, Brazilian professor and researcher, lectured on the act of reading as a practice of freedom, book policies and the formation of readers.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, he said, there are critical points in the literacy and knowledge indicators which could improve through the promotion of reading from early stages.

We learn to read in order to write our own history, he said rephrasing his fellowman Paulo Freire, distinguished pedagogue.

About the event he commented to Prensa Latina that it is a great Cuban contribution to the world in order to promote the reading habit as a need to cultivate intellect.

On her part, Brazilian editor Dolores Prades spoke about the seminars Conversations at the end of the page which she coordinates over the last three years in her country.

The Cuban event allows the opportunity to know what is being done over the world in favour of literature for children and youths, said Prades to Prensa Latina.

On Thursday the event proposes the conference The Sense of Reading by Argentinian Angela Pradelli and a dialogue about ageless books.

The Second International Colloquium on Books for Babies, Children and Youths will also take place to exchange ideas about the conception of books for those ages.



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