Cuba presents natural products for treating cancer at Latin American Congress

VICTORIA FRIENDS OF CUBA • Solidarity & Friendship

Havana, Cuba, Oct 23 (ACN) – The development of natural products applied to humans in Cuba is among the topics to be debated at the 20th Latin American Congress on Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Latinfarma) 2013, which is in session in Havana with the participation of 800 delegates from about 40 nations.

Today there was a presentation of results from peptide RJLB-14 in the treatment of patients with epithelial tumors.

Dr. Alexis Díaz-García and other scientists from the business group of biopharmaceutical labs (LABIOFAM) will present the potential of this compound for treating metastatic breast cancer. Its preclinical assessment has verified a high effectiveness rate, a dose-response relation, and its influence in the reduction of tumors; although they are still working on determining toxicity and action mechanism.
In addition, the State Center for Controlling Drugs and Medical Equipment will offer a dissertation on the economic implications of the consumption and safety…

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