Cuban Workers Make Thousands Proposals on Draft Labor Code



Havana, October 12 (RHC)– Cuban workers have issued over 160 thousand proposals during debates on the new draft labor code, which was submitted for consultation with the workers last July. According to an article in this morning’s Granma newspaper, the process is now about to conclude.

Some 67 thousand 367 workers’ assemblies have thus far been held through this week, which represent 98 percent of all scheduled meetings, including the debates on the draft code by workers abroad. Some 1,400 meetings are still to be held.

The consultation process is aimed at having a feedback from millions of workers about their criteria on the law that rules labor activity.

According to Granma, there was generalized consensus in all meetings about modifying the current code, which has been in force since 1985, given the ongoing transformations in the country in tune with the current economic and labor scenario.

All opinions have been collected and analyzed by commissions based at municipal, provincial and national levels, according to Xiomara Enriquez, an official in charge of labor and social issues with the Cuban Workers’ Confederation (CTC).


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