Parliaments of America Assembly Condemns U.S. Blockade on Cuba

Brasilia, Oct 16 (Prensa Latina) The 12th General Assembly of Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas (COPA in Spanish) approved here today a Declaration condemning the economic and financial blockade imposed over half a century ago by the United States against Cuba.

In its meeting held in the headquarters of the Legislative of the Federal District of Brasilia, parliament members of the Americas refuted the negative effects of that hostile policy on the health of the Cuban people.

Presented by the Comisión of Health and Social Protection of COPA, the Declaration deplores the damages caused by this blockade, which deplores the right to health, recognized by the World Health Organization and other international institutions.

The document highlights this policy of extraterritorial reach, burdens the acquisition of pharmaceuticals, chemical reactives, spare parts and chirurgical instruments, necessary and indispensable to guarantee free health care to the island�s population.

Such restrictions, violating human rights and laws of the United Nations, also compel the Cuban government to spend more money to buy pharmaceuticals and sanitary products, reveals the text.

The U.S. blockade also imposes restrictions to scientific and doctors exchange with other nations and prevents the island from accessing credits and donations to international financial organizations, says the Declaration approved by consensus.

During this 12th Assembly, parliament members of legislative organs of the Americas approved several resolutions, among them the one that ratifies the Treaty on Arms Trade and another demanding the universal right of peoples to drinking water.

It was also ratified that Cuba will continue in the presidency of the Comisión of Health and Social Protection and the Vicepresidency of COPA for the Caribbean region.

The meeting was attended by parliament members of this continent and on the Cuban side by deputy Aixa Hevia.


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