More than 300,000 Angolans learn to read with Cuban method

More than 300,000 Angolans learn to read with Cuban method

MORE than 300,000 adults have learned to read and write in Angola, thanks to the Cuban program, Yo sí puedo (Yes, I can) implemented in some 30 countries around the world.

The literacy instruction method has been used in Angola since 2009, reaching more than 11 municipalities and 37 communes, with the support of additional resources such as videos, television and charts, according to TeleSur.

The program is being implemented in the provinces of Luanda, Bie, Huambo, Benguela, Bengo, North Cuanza, South Cuanza Sul, Moxico and Huila.

Odalis Ortiz Torres, a Cuban educator participating in the internationalist mission, emphasized to Prensa Latina the importance of providing instructional tools to Angolans, so that they can attack the problems of illiteracy, hunger and poverty, and prepare for a better life.

Yo sí puedo has been successfully implemented in other countries and was possible in Angola given the support provided by government, traditional authorities, churches and the Organization of Angolan Women.

According to official data, the number of citizens who have acquired literacy through the program has surpasses 380,600, including the 170,962 enrolled this year.

More than seven million people around the world have benefited from Yo sí puedo, reflecting Cuba’s willingness to contribute to eradicating illiteracy.

The Latin American and Caribbean Pedagogical Institute of Cuba, which developed the program, received the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize in 2006.

In several countries where the implementation of the initial literacy program is no longer needed, continuing education has been supported with other Cuban programs such as Ya puedo leer y escribir (I can read and write now) and Yo sí puedo seguir (Yes, I can do more). (AIN)

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