Venezuela-U.S. Oil Trade Immune to Diplomatic Crisis

Caracas, Oct 7 (Prensa Latina) The former Chargé dÂ�Affaires of Venezuela in the U.S., Calixto Ortega, considered today quite improbable that oil business between both nations may be affected, even after the diplomatic crisis that caused the expulsion of officials on both sides. The United States will always require reliable suppliers such as Venezuela, a reliable partner which despite our political conflicts, we have continued selling oil in a secure way, said the diplomat in an interview with daily Ciudad Caracas.

Last September 30, president Nicolas Maduro, gave an ultimatum to three officials from the U.S. embassy in this capital to abandon the country due to activities considered


According to the president, Kelly Keiderling, Elizabeth Hoffman and David Moo under surveillance for the last several months, were regularly meeting extreme right sectors to finance and encourage them to undertake sabotage actions against the Venezuelan economy and the national power system.

In response, the U.S. government expelled from its territory Ortega, the second secretary of the Embassy, Monica Sanchez and the consul in Houston, Marison Gutierrez.

Ortega, appointed deputy Foreign Minister for Europe when he arrived in Caracas, expressed he doesn�t dare to affirm the circumstances will not affect the oil trade, but he thinks that, in principle, they will not be affected.

On the other side, the official affirmed his expulsion and that of his colleagues was not a measure of reciprocity as is usual in these cases but an act of diplomatic retaliation.

He noted that the U.S. diplomats met with people who disregard the legitimacy of the President and of democratic institutions in Venezuela.

On the other hand, he added their representation in Washington only met with some leaders of communities thankful for the heating fuel supplied at preferential prices by the Citgo enterprise, property of the Venezuelan state.

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