Mathematics to be a Priority since Primary School Level

2013.10.04 – 09:18:39 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Mathematics to be a Priority since Primary School LevelThe use of Mathematics constitutes an essential tool in fields really changeable as the sciences of earth and nature, the medicine and its related disciplines, the social sciences, the architecture and engineering, among others.

According to certain sources, the branches of the mathematics include the traditional arithmetic which studies the numbers and their properties, the algebraic calculation, the theory of joint numbers which is applied in a dynamic way to the computer science, as well as the geometry, the trigonometry and the mathematical analysis, respectively.

In addition, the importance of Mathematics reaches such high levels that it is not possible to think about the human civilization without this science within its daily context. Moreover, the application of the Mathematics can be observed through all the human acts and even since the first months of life, according to the specialists.

In higher or even less degree, there are many experts who say that the ignorance of the essential elements of that science is defined as another way of illiteracy while it is emphasized the transcendence of its simplified teaching through all the educational levels.

Being in tune with that situation, Cuba has been improving that subject since the course from the 2010-2011 period in the primary teaching level; besides, the changes for the program of studies from third to sixth grades will continue, taking into consideration the difficulties that have been detected in that subject learning process during the current educational period.

The Master of Science, Ramón Catá Borges, who is a national methodologist of the primary teaching level, said to Radio Rebelde station that the biggest problems of the Mathematics are found in the calculation mathematic operation which is the one having a highest quantity of contents in that subject, as well as the solution of problems, taking into consideration that it is the occasion when the student has to apply what he/she learns about the practical meaning of each of the mathematic operations.

In addition, the search for the meaning of what it is being taught today and we call as significant learning means to respond the question: What for I learn this contents in the daily life?

Ramón Catá Borges explained that the importance about the changes of this subject program of studies lies on the fact that it allows the children the systematization and a much deeper study of the contents.

Ramón Catá Borges gave as an example the work with fractions which is carried out since the third grade and it used to be taught since the fifth and sixth grades in previous years.

“Now the child has a more solid knowledge when he/she has to solve them; besides, we get to see that they have to use those mathematic operations in the secondary educational level and there are other mathematic operations that are introduced into the higher educational levels which are much easier for them to understand due to their previous knowledge about that mathematic operation.” Ramón Catá Borges said.

Ramón Catá Borges pointed out that another benefit is precisely to relieve some grades which used to have too many contents. Moreover, he also mentioned the chapter about magnitudes from the fifth grade where the contents on volume were not previously taught until sixth grade.

Nevertheless, the local sixth grade is teaching now the contents in relation to volume and capacity which is the last chapter that it is taught in primary school, so it is being conceived in a three-dimensional way which means the long, width and height. The volume of an octahedron is the only object with which children work in the local primary educational level. By Ramón Catá Borges


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