Chile: Snowfalls Extend Agricultural Emergency in Two Regions

Santiago de Chile, Oct 7 (Prensa Latina) The government of Chile decided to extend the agricultural emergency because of the snowfall in two regions of the country, which has generally suffered losses estimated in 500 million dollars. The emergency phase was in force since last week for the region of Libertador Bernardo O�Higgins. However, it was taken Monday to specific zones of the regions of Valparaiso and El Maule.

The announcement of the extension of the emergency was made by Chilean Agriculture Minister Luis Mayol Monday. Mayol said 25 percent of the production of fruits in Chile was deeply affected by the snowfalls.

He added that the production of vegetables will be restored in a time limit of 30 to 45 days.

Mayol pointed out that the Institute of Agricultural Developnent (Indap), associated to the Agriculture Ministry, is developing the land registry of the agricultural producers who were seriously affected since the end of September, to implenent the monetary help because of the losses.

Those who have not nay relation with Indap, will be able to receive a restoration bonus, up to 400,000 Chilean pesos (800 dollars) for each 2.47 affected acres (1 hectare).

In recent days, the Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) requested to decree the phase of National Catastrophe because of the damages.

Minister Mayol showed himself against the decision to issue this decree, saying that it responds to an attribution of the President of the Republic, together with the Interior Ministry.

Low temperatures affected several crops, among them the ones of watermelon, grape, peach, nuts and others.

The biggest crops in Chile are concentrated in five zones in the center of the nation: Maipo, Maule, Curico, Rapel and Colchagua.

As a consequence of the losses the increase of prices for many of the products started, as much as the increase of unemployment in the Chilean agriculture.

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