Puerto Rico Condemns U.S. Complicity with Terrorism

San Juan, Oct 6 ( Prensa Latina) Hector Pesquera, President of the MINH (Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano) condemned today U.S. complicity with terrorism against Cuba, on the 37th anniversary of the Barbados terrorist attack. The Puerto Rican leftist leader said that as Washington hypocritically claims to fight terrorism, it provides protection to Luis Posada Carriles, mastermind of the bombing of a Cubana Airliner on October 6, 1976, killing 73 people onboard.

‘As members of the Caribbean and Latin American community, we should feel as ours the pain and dismay of all the families which have been affected by the harsh counterrevolutionary actions supported by the U.S. government,” Pesquera said .

He said terrorist Posada Carriles, who confessed to have blown up the plane, lives in Miami with impunity despite his history of violent acts against Cuba at the service of the CIA.

He said Washington has not taken into consideration either the request for extradition by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, from where Posada escaped in 1985 while awaiting sentence for the attack in Barbados.

Pesquera recalled this criminal act killed the 24 members of the Cuban junior national fencing team that had won all gold medals in the Central American and Caribbean Championships and five Guyanese who went to Cuba to study medicine.

The MINH leader demanded the U.S. to stop harboring terrorists like Posada Carriles.

He also demanded clarification for the murders of Santiago Mari Pesquera, son of the late socialist leader Juan Mari Brás, on March 24, 1976 , and the Cuban- independence activist Carlos Muñiz Varela, on April 30, 1979 in a terrorist act .

‘Like Cuba, we have also been victims of terrorism Posada Carriles’ friends’ he said, referring to both cases. He added that there were other bombs and murders of comrades, but none of the crimes perpetrated by Cuban counterrevolutionaries has been solved by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or by the police, despite all the evidence they have.

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