Cuba Works to Reduce Pollution at Largest Caribbean Wetland

By Francisco G. Navarro

Imagen activaCienfuegos, Cuba, Sep 23 (Prensa Latina) With the design of an integrated sewage management system at the Antonio Sanchez sugar complex in south-central Cienfuegos, Cuba is working on decreasing pollution at the Cienaga de Zapata (Zapata Swamp), the largest wetland in the Caribbean islands.

Engineer Ernesto Martinez, manager of the industrial plant at the Cienfuegos Sugar Company, told Prensa Latina that the environment is the great beneficiary of a strategy designed for an industry whose plantations frequently border the swampy areas located in the neighboring province of Matanzas to the west.

Located in the central town of Covadonga, the sugar mill is part of a large production complex, consisting of the only distillery in Cuba for refined spirits, along with additional factories that produce rum and “torula,” a kind of feed meant to fatten pigs.

In the case of “vinazo,” one of the derivatives sourcing from the production of alcohol and “torula,” one solution is to send the polluting potential to cane growers via tanker-trucks, in order to be poured on plantations as a fertilizer.

Such technological innovation does not exclude the traditional fertilization-irrigation (by gravity) of sugar-cane plantations with some of those industrial wastes, Martinez said.

The introduction of pig feed, aligned with the economic policy guidelines adopted at the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba held in 2011, which allow for the expansion of the social purpose of such companies, constitutes an added value to the production at the Antonio Sanchez complex, some 200 kilometers southeast of Havana.

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