Cuba Hosts International Course on Fighting Corruption

Havana, Sep 23 (Prensa Latina) General Comptroller of the Republic of Cuba , Gladys Bejerano, opened today the 8th International Course of Prevention and Control Tools in confronting administrative corruption with the attendance of representatives from nine countries. Among participants, there are the General Comptroller of Bolivia, Gabriel Herbas, the member of the Accounting Chamber of the Dominican Republic, Alfredo Cruz and representatives of Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela and Cuba.

Bejerano made a comprehensive speech on the Cuban experience in that field, explained the system of control of the State and the Government, as well as the role of the Comptroller as auxiliary organ of the People�s Power National Assembly (parliament).

She highlighted that the Cuban Election Law is one of the strengths of the fight against corruption and a show of democracy in which the population proposes its candidates and decides in the election of delegates.

The most frequent contraventions in administrative control are associated to limitations and non-compliance in the introduction of components of internal control.

We are in a new stage in which economic information, statistics, accounting is a tool of direction, she said.

The General Comptroller introduces a group of actions so that administrations of enterprises learn how to apply self control and promote measures in that direction.

The course will run until September 27 and is organized by the General Comptroller of the Republic and the Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Superior Fiscal Entities (OLACEFS in Spanish).

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