Cuban Peace Movement Decries Role of Foreign Military Bases

Havana, Sep 19 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Movement for Peace analyzed and repudiated today the role of foreign military bases, especially those of the United Status, under the pretext of fighting terrorism and drug trafficking.

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During a workshop held at the movement’s offices, panelists condemned major powers for interfering with the sovereignty of the peoples.

Doris Quintana, a member of the Movement�s Secretariat, denounced U.S. violations of international law on territory occupied territory by its illegal navy base in the Cuban province of Guantanamo.

Quintana said that under the false perpetual lease pact, the U.S. administration deposits $4,085 annually in a bank account, a sum that the Cuban government cannot cash because it does not recognize the lease.

On the Guantanamo military base, the largest that the United States has in Latin America and the Caribbean, with 910 US soldiers, “they commit violations of human rights, applying torture on prisoners held there,” she said.

The Guantanamo base was part of an appendix to the the Cuban Constitution known as the Platt Amendment in the early 20th century, through which the US claimed its right to creat coal bases in this archipelago.

Manuel Carbonell, a Cuban Foreign Ministry official, officer of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, said that the principal foreign policy instrument of the United States throughout the years has been the use of military force.

Panelists expressed opposition to the escalation of military expansion by the United States and other nation, both open and covert, in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

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