Renowned filmmakers: Chilean Miguel Litín & Bolivian Jorge Sanjinés, condemn media conspiracy against Syria

Filmmakers Condemn Media Conspiracy Against Syria

Havana, Sep 16 (Prensa Latina) A group of Latin American and Caribbean documentary makers condemned the media manipulations to support an eventual attack against Syria. Internationally renowned filmmakers, like the Chilean Miguel Litín and the Bolivian Jorge Sanjinés, condemned the ‘use of lies and deception to get the world’s consent for this attack on people’s lives and sovereignty’.

The text, posted at the site Rebelió has been signed by 70 filmmakers from Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Colombia.

The filmmakers also appealed to the human conscience to ‘defeat the powerful minority forces that prevent the world from embracing life, justice and peace’.

The pretext of the use of chemical weapons against civilians has been used by the U.S. government to justify an attack against the administration of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

This script this time around is similar to one used in previous wars, a trick immortalized by Hollywood itself in ‘Wag the Dog’, a film about media manipulation with political purposes.

In the document, the documentary makers warned about fictional stories being told in order to engender a war of incalculable proportions and consequences.

Signatories expressed their doubt about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army, an attack which has been denied from multiple angles, through the arguments, testimonies and confessions offered, even by members of the opposition.

“This attack comes on top of 33 months of ‘civil war’ fostered and funded by foreign powers through the use of mercenaries, and it has already claimed more than 100 thousand lives,” continues the text.

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