More than 300,000 Ecuadorans learned to read and write in 13 of the country’s provinces through Cuba’s “Yo si puedo” program

300,000 Ecuadorans become literate through Cuban program

MORE than 300,000 Ecuadorans learned to read and write in 13 of the country’s provinces through the “Yo si puedo” program, coordinated by a contingent of 54 Cuban teachers who completed their work in Ecuador with the recognition of authorities, national teachers and facilitators.

A moving event at the Ecuadoran Ministry of Education brought together hundreds of people who, since 2011, have been participating in this effort to reduce illiteracy from 6.5% to 3.5% of the population aged over 14 years in the poorest provinces.

Education Minister Augusto Espinosa; Basilio A. Gutiérrez, business attaché at the Cuban embassy; Rusena Maribel Santamaría, Bolivian ambassador in Ecuador; Assembly member Ximena Ponce; and other authorities, took part in the closing event for this stage.

Espinosa thanked the Cuban contingent of educators for their work and emphasized the will of the Citizens’ Revolution to eradicate illiteracy in the country.

Speaking on behalf of the Cuban Ministry of Education and the Cuban embassy in Ecuador, Gutiérrez congratulated planners, educators and participants in the Basic Education for Youth and Adults program for the goals achieved, and urged them to continue on to higher levels of learning.

Jorge Tamayo, the Cuban academic who coordinated the implementation of the “Yo si puedo” program, highlighted the effort made, the empathy between his country’s educators and Ecuadorans, and the commitment to continue supporting them in the total elimination of illiteracy (PL)


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