Cuba is Favored by its Renewable Energy Sources

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 16 (acn)Cuba could become a leading country in the use of renewable energy sources and in the development of technology and expertise in the field, said an expert in Havana.

Solar radiation keeps thermal balance thus allowing life to develop in the planet, while it is freely available to all nations of the world, said Doctor Luis Berriz, who heads the Cuban Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and Environment Friendliness (CUBASOLAR).

The expert said that Cuba receives 1800 times more solar radiation than all the oil used by its different local industrial and residential sectors. He said that it is not possible to assume sustainable growth without counting on the exploitation of renewable energy sources, due to the crucial relationship of these sources to the environment and development.

Over 34 thousand Cuban entities are currently operating solar panels, heaters, windmills, biogas plants, biomass-fueled ovens producing construction materials, boilers and generators, and others, according to information released by the Cuban Mining and Energy Ministry.

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