“In Cuba half of all infants less than six months of age are exclusively breastfed.”

More infants exclusively breastfed in Cuba

Israel Hernández Álvarez | Granma International

One of every two infants less than six months of age in Cuba are exclusively breastfed, according to Dr. Pablo Roque Peña, coordinator of the Ministry of Public Health’s breast feeding program.

A full 98% of newborns leaving the hospital are being fed only their mother’s milk, a result of concerted efforts to develop awareness of the importance of breast-feeding, Roque Peña reported.

Health experts explain that this type of nutrition in the first months of life contributes to better health in infants, thus the promotion of breastfeeding by the Cuban health system.

August 1-7 International Breastfeeding Week was celebrated with activities offering advice and information in community centers and clinics across the country.

It has been confirmed that colostrum in mother’s milk provides infants their best defense against intestinal and respiratory illnesses, very much like a vaccine provided directly by the mother to her child.

Scientific research confirms that breastfeeding helps form healthy teeth and reduces deformations of the mouth in babies, while contributing to less bleeding in mothers after birth and facilitating the recovery of the uterus.

Yanisleydis Reyes, mother of a two-month-old baby girl reported that the little one is doing well, receiving exclusively mother’s milk which is always available, uncontaminated and at the ideal temperature.

In addition to these advantages, breast-feeding promotes emotional and psychological bonding between baby and mother, who is naturally prepared to lactate, given that her breasts have been developing throughout the pregnancy to produce milk. (AIN)


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