Prime Minister of Haiti describes Cuban cooperation as historic

VICTORIA FRIENDS OF CUBA • Solidarity & Friendship

Granma International – In a meeting with the accredited Cuban press in Haiti recently, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe reflected on Cuban cooperation, which he described as “historic and disinterested,” given that it goes directly to the people.

Lamothe evoked Fidel’s words, when the leader of the Cuban Revolution affirmed that Cuba is not giving what it has in excess, but sharing the little it has; as well as the maxim of trying to a lot with a little, something which, he assured, his government is putting into practice.

The Haitian Premier emphasized Cuban collaboration in key sectors for the country such as health, education and the environment, with greater impact in areas most in need of it. For this he reiterated his thanks and confirmed the country’s intention to continue working together.

In this context, Lamothe acknowledged that Cuban solidarity in Haiti has raised the population’s quality of life. More…

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