One Hundred Social Organizations at Anti-imperialist Summit

One Hundred Social Organizations at Anti-imperialist Summit

Prensa Latina

Cochabamba, Bolivia, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) Nearly 100 social organizations are involved in the Anti-Imperialist Summit that began in this city today, and which the presence of Bolivian President Evo Morales is expected.

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The executive secretary of the Association of Rural Women of Bolivia “Bartolina Sisa”, Juanita Ancieta, welcomed the delegates from 18 countries attending the meeting, convened by the Social Pact, consisting of five social movements of the Andean-Amazonian country.

Ancieta expressed gratitude for the presence of all delegations and asked the United States to respect the sovereignty of all peoples of the world, meanwhile recalled that Bolivia is not alone.

The meeting, presided over at the beginning by Vice President Alvaro Garcia, has the presence of representatives of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Movement in Chile, the Communist Party of France, the grouping of indigenous affairs in Mexico, and the Aymara confederation in Peru.

Indigenous youth in Panama, and delegates of the Peasant Confederation in Costa Rica, the 19 de Julio Sandinista Youth in Nicaragua, and the Federation of Cuban Women and the National Association of Small Farmers, both from Cuba, also participate.

Slogans and chants in favor of integration, in memory of the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and gratitude to the Cuban historical leader Fidel Castro, were heard at the opening.

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