PAHO Recognizes Cuban Health Achievements

PAHO Recognizes Cuban Health Achievements

Prensa Latina

Havana (PL) Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Clarissa Etienne, extolled progress of the Cuban health system, as well as universal coverage to all free of charge. In a visit to Cuba. The Cuban nation is one of the few in Latin America and the Caribbean with accesible and free of charge medical attention for all its citizens, said Etienne in a press conference held in the PAHO/WHO headquarters in the island.

She highlighted government commitment to guarantee the different levels of medical attention: primary, secondary and terciary, which show in the indicators achieved by this country and talked about the interest of PAHO in continued promotion of cooperation with Cuba.

She also underlined Cuban solidarity with other peoples over the world, and the fact that 30 thousand professionals work in 59 nations, a meaningful contribution to human welfare.

Etienne explained it is essential to be aware that health services are very expensive, while the system must be made sustainable.

During her visit to Cuba, director of PAHO took part in an exchange between authors with the objective of developing a special series for scientific journal The Lancet, on universal health coverage in Latin America.

She told Prensa Latina this is a very important topic for the region and Cuba in particular, can position and make its results visible.

Etienne said the editors of the prestigious journal are very much interested in promoting the achievements of the Cuban health system and is open to coordinate work in this direction.

The expert named PAHO priorities for Latin American and thje Caribbean, a region with great diversity and inequities which should be solved.

Universal coverage must be guaranteed, in particular the treatment for VIH patients while attending to cure transmissible illnesses like tuberculosis and malaria.

She also mentioned the unfinished agenda, like reducing maternal deaths in childbirth and of children below five years.

Etienne said to be aware that for Latin America and Caribbean governments, health indicators are very important, making social inclusion a priority.

Clarissa Etienne held meetings with public health authorities and visited the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment State Control Center (Cecmed), the National Coordinating Center of Clinical Trials (Cencec) and the Center of Molecular Immunology.

Etienne, citizen of Dominica, was elected director of PAHO in 2012 and assumed this post in January, 2013.


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