US economic blockade against Cuba also affects American People

US Blockade Also Hits American People

Radio Angulo

US Blockade also affects the American people, said in Holguin US activists Alda Arias US blockade also hits the American people, said US activists Alda Arias. Photo: Amauris Betancourt











The US blockade of Cuba also hits the American people, said New York –based US activist and translator Alda Arias in the north-eastern city of Holguin , where she arrived as part of the 44 contingent of Venceremos Solidarity Brigade.

Upon her arrival at the Frank Pais International Airport, Arias said that they want to see with their own eyes what the US administration does not want them to see, which is the reality of the Cuban people, their energy and hospitality.

US Venceremos Brigade upon its arrival at Holguin. Photo: Amauris Betancourt










“Our project also allows us to learn about Cuban reality to later spread the truth in our country and let the American people know how the US blockade affects the Cuban people’s everyday life,” she pointed out.

The solidarity brigade is made up of 34 members, mostly youths, who arrived here on Sunday. They will attend the national ceremony in Santiago de Cuba on July 26 for the 60th anniversary of the attacks on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes garrisons. / Source: ACN.

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