Peruvian Doctors in Their Second Day of Strike for Better Salaries

Lima, Jul 17 (Prensa Latina) A Doctors strike of the state health services enters its second day in Peru for better wages and conflicting versions on the effectiveness the national stoppage. The strike only affects partially the activity of hospitals and other health centers, where it was only 25 percent, according to the Vice minister of Health Jose del Carmen Sara who recalled that the strike has been declared illegal by the government.

In addition, the President of the Peruvian Medical Federation, Cesar Palomino assured that those involved in the strike are a vast majority of about 15,000 soctors unionized all over the country.

Sara agreed with that is guaranteed care in emergency centers and for those hospitalyzed in serious cnditions as well as vaccination against flu with an outbreak of more than 70 cases and three deaths.

The strikers marched yesterday through downtown Lima and asked the mediation of a parliamentary delegation to discuss with the Minister of Health, Midori de Habich, whom Palomino accused of arrogant for refusing to meet with officials of the federation.

He noted that the dialogue should be the way to find a solution to the conflict, which, he said, is due to the fact that the government has violated an agreement signed in October 2012 with the Medical Federation to improve gradually, from the present month, the professionals’ salaries.

The Ministry of Health stated forward that to start improvement is necessary to determine a new remuneration policy and implement a health reform, criticized by NGOs privatizing for its private load, for which the government asked the Congress for legislative powers.

In the other hand the Medical Federation condemns the fact that the government announces reform without having consulted with that organization.

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