Pastors for Peace Sent a Message to Cuba

Pastors for Peace Sent a Message to Cuba

“Let’s Keep the Dream Alive” Is A Pastors’ Message to Cuba

The members of the Pastors for Peace Friendship Caravan will arrive in Cuba today, wearing t-shirts with images of U.S. Reverend Martin Luther King and Teacher Jose Marti.

Free the Cuban Five, European Brigade Demands in Havana
Pastors for Peace Caravan in Mexico


“Let’s keep the dream alive” is the emblem that takes us this time to Cuba, the Buddhist church pastor and president of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization/Pastors for Peace, Thomas Smith, told Prensa Latina.

The caravan arrived in Mexico yesterday, heading for Cuba, divided into two groups on Wednesday and Thursday, with the usual solidarity aid towards that people, but especially with the moral support of those who defend their cause in the United States.

Every trip to Cuba, each crossing from Canada, the United States to Mexico, and finally Havana has one goal for Pastors for Peace: join caravan members on the road against the blockade with which the U.S. government has tried in vain to fade that revolution, Smith said.

Father Luis Barrios, of the Episcopal Church in New York, also told this agency the gratitude to the Mexican government for always allowing the passage of the caravan through his country, despite the U.S. pressure which reflects the respect and love of the Mexicans to the Cuban people, he said.

“The blockade is immoral, illegal, but God did not put it, and if it is a problem of a people such as Cuba, then that problem is mine, and I always say we will pray, light candles, we do procession, but let’s take the street, and that’s what the Pastors for Peace group is doing,” said Barrios. / Source: PL.


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