Cuba: Debate on Impact of Climate Change in Public Health

Cuba: Debate on Impact of Climate Change in Public Health

Prensa Latina

Havana, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina) A panel of renowned experts on the adaptation and mitigation of climate change and its consequences on public health, started as part of the 9th Convention on Environment and Development in the Cuban capital.


Margarita Astralaga, director of the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Program for Environment, said the world is about to face serious and great challenges.

“Economic development has been based on producing faster, more, and without almost any environmental attention. However, that is a problem to be solved, since the planet is threatened by new dangers, such as permanent floods, global temperature changes, lack of drinkable water, melting of glaciers, with the cost for public health,” Astralaga stated.

“Twenty-five percent of the illnesses are due to environmental problems, affections caused by the contamination of water, air and food. And all of them have a very high cost, we must strengthen the ecosystems and show the links between environmental problems and sanitation,” she added.

Doctor Carlos Corvalan, a specialist from the Pan American Health Organization, said that unusual events are altering public health in general.

“Natural disasters are bringing accidents, infections linked to contaminated water, the increase of vectors and other long-term problems, such as the deterioration of the human beingâ�Ös mental health. This is the least analyzed phenomenon, and it might be the biggest problem of all,” said the PAHO expert.

“The world is changing. If there is no adaptation, the survival of the human species will be in great danger,” he concluded.

The event presented books and booklets, such as the one titled Huracanes, Tornados y Descargas Electricas (Hurricanes, Tornados and Electric Descharges) by Doctor in Sciences Manuel Iturralde, president of the Cuban Geological Association.

More than 1,000 delegates from 40 nations of the planet are attending this important meeting up to Friday.

The event includes 6 congresses and 5 colloquiums on climate change, handling of ecosystems and biodiversity, environmental education, protected areas and other topics.

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