Rapper Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) launched a video protests against forced feeding in Guantanamo

Rapper Mos Def Protests Forced Feeding in Guantanamo

Prensa Latina

Washington, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina) US rap artist Mos Def launched a video to protest forced feeding of 45 of the 130 hunger strikers at the prison in Guantanamo naval base, set up in an illegally occupied Cuban territory. The singer, whose real name is Yasiin Bey, appear in the video, wearing the orange uniform of prisoners, is immobilized on a chair and allows to be fitted with a catheter, as those used by the guards in the prison during the procedure, rejected throughout the world and considered a form of torture.

This way, Mos Def supported the attorneys of many Muslim strikers to attract attention to such practice during the fast in the month of Ramadan, one of the sacred duties of the Islamic world.

Four of the prisoners brought a lawsuit before a US court to stop force feeding from July 9 to August 8, but Judge Gladys Kessler ruled it out and said that just President Obama is authorized to intervene.

That practice sparked off controversy in prison of Guanatanamo and has been rejected by US Senator Dianne Feinstein, the United Nations Organization, the International Red Cross Committee, the World Medical Association and others.

That practice causes a strong pain in the nose, sore throat and stomachache and includes administering high doses of metoclopramide, the use of which for more than 12 consecutive days could cause neurological disorders and diseases as Parkinson’s.

In 2002, the United States opened the prison in Guantanamo, occupied illegally against the will of the Cuban Government and people, to confine there all those considered suspects of terrorism.

Obama reintroduced in April his unfulfilled promised of closing that prison, but the republican group in Congress approved a bill to keep it open, renew it and prevent transfer of prisoners to their countries of origin.

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