UNEP emphasizes Cuba’s natural disaster management and prevention measures

UNEP Highlights Cuba Work Dealing With Hurricanes

Radio Cadena Agramonte

Havana, Jul 9.- Cuba”s work in dealing with hurricanes and natural disasters was highlighted by Margarita Astrálaga, Director of the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The expert, who participated in the IX International Convention on Environment and Development which meets in Havana, said the island has much to teach regarding prevention, how to prevent the loss of human lives, while in other countries thousands of people die because of this situation. There is much to learn from these experiences, Astrálaga said.

The day before, on the opening day, the representative of UNEP, assessed the global environmental situation and felt that even though great efforts have been made, many challenges remain.

We are reaching a dead end, global warming is unequivocal and accelerating, leading to an increasing risk of abrupt and irreversible impacts, she said.

Flooding, salinization, increased incidence of extreme events, loss of biodiversity, changes in circulation patterns that await the planet, and the Latin America and the Caribbean region do not remain immune to this problem, she stressed.

She also highlighted the precarious situation of the coral reefs, threatened by high temperatures and acidity of the seas, reducing the Andean glaciers, and the progressive increase of storms and hurricanes, with subsequent involvement of more people.

However, she considered that there are possibilities to reverse these processes, and highlighted some initiatives such as the Mesoamerican and the Caribbean Biological Corridor, which promotes interaction between countries.

In a special meeting with Prensa Latina Astralaga noted that education at all levels of life, innovation to develop its own technologies and political power of institutions are key elements to preserve the environment. (Prensa Latina)


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