Tourists Safe after Car Accident in Central Cuba, received proper medical attention

Tourists Safe after Car Accident in Central Cuba
2013.07.05 – 13:41:48 /

CIENFUEGOS, Cuba.- A group of Russian, Czech, Dutch, Filipino and Irish tourists that had a recent car accident in central Cuba are safe and receiving good medical attention.

The vacationers traveled on a tourist bus belonging to the Cuban Tourism Ministry that overturned nearly at midnight on Thursday in the municipality of Abreus, in this central province.

The director of the Gustavo Aldereguia Lima Provincial Hospital, Doctor Carlos Mendoza, said that two out of the 16 tourists onboard the bus underwent surgery for pneumotorax, while a third one was operated on simple cranial fracture.

Four patients suffered collarbone lesions, while the rest is still under medical observation, though none presents any life danger.

The visitors were on an excursion itinerary covering the provinces of Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spiritus, with stopovers in different places of interest.

Along with the tourists, the drivers and the tourist guide also received urgent medical assistance, first in local healthcare centers close to the municipalities of Abreus and Rodas, and later they were taken to the provincial hospital where they are at this moment, the doctor said.

Experts with the Interior Ministry Investigation and Operations Department in Cienfuegos are involved in detailed probe into the event in order to determine its causes.

Statistics issued by the Provincial Traffic Office say that during the first half of the year, some 206 car accidents occurred in Cienfuegos, 14 more than in same period of 2012. These accidents have claimed 21 lives, while 221 persons have been injured.



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