Social Property Exists and will Exist in Cuba, says Marino Murillo

Marino Murillo: Social Property Exists and will Exist in Cuba

Radio Rebelde | 2013.07.08 – 13:03:26 /

HAVANA, Cuba.- Social property over the main means of production exists and will exist in Cuba, asserted on Sunday in this capital Marino Murillo, member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (CC of the PCC) and vice-president of the Council of Ministers.

Murillo, also head of the Permanent Commission for the Implementation of Development of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, offered detailed information to deputies attending on Sunday the First Period of Ordinary Sessions of the 8th Legislature of the National Assembly of the People Power held at Havana Convention Center.

With regard to the update of the Cuban development model, he clarified that we’re not talking about a change in the structure of property, but about carrying out production with the incorporation of other non-state forms, which as a whole make economy more efficient.

He pointed out that more than 80% of the conceptualization of the model is contained in the over 300 guidelines approved by the 6th PCC Congress, and insisted on the preponderant role of socialist state enterprises and planning as the main method for economic management in search of macroeconomic balance.

Murillo announced that work is being carried out to prepare a long-term development program, which takes sustainability very much into account, and where goals to guarantee their gradual fulfillment will be well defined.

Likewise, he referred to the state of measures included in the Guidelines, and presently they include the incorporation of 36 new activities, for a total of 224.



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