Uruguayan Foreign Minister Almagro lauds Cuban medical internationalism

Uruguayan FM Appreciates Cuban Internationalism

Prensa Latina

Montevideo, June 30 (Prensa Latina) Foreign Minister Luis Almagro highlighted the internationalism of Cuba and appreciated the work of a Cuban medical brigade which carried out more than 45,000 surgeries in Uruguay, 30,000 of which were operations from cataracts. “Cuba, through the brigades of cooperation, has always been at the service of the needed, of the neglected peoples of the world”, said Almagro when he thanked the 25 Cuban surgeons, nurses and techniques of the brigade that work at the Hospital de Ojos Jose Marti (Ophthalmology Hospital).

In a ceremony held for the Cubans, the foreign minister also thanked the people who initially boosted Operacion Milagro (Operation Miracle) project and the “contemporary visionary people of Latin America, who made the solidarity and brotherhood features of these actions come true”.

On this regard, he thanked the people and the government of Cuba, particularly the historical leader of Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and President Raul Castro, which won an ovation from hundreds of Uruguayans who were operated from cataracts and came from the 19 departments of the country to attend the ceremony.

He also announced that to honor that brotherhood, in late July President Jose Mujica will visit Cuba, “an island which is linked to us by our hearts and the history of struggles looking for similar ideals”.

In the ceremony, which was also attended by Health Minister Susana Muñiz and other authorities of that sector to thank the Cuban brigade, the bilateral cooperation agreement addressed to support the program was renewed.

Cuban Ambassador to Uruguay, Carmen Zilia Perez, while highlighting the work of the Cuban medical brigade, acknowledged the pioneers of both nations that boosted the program and appreciated the friendship and solidarity deeds of Uruguayan people toward Cuba.

Congratulatory messages were read during the ceremony, including those from former president Tabare Vazquez and current President Jose Mujica.

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