Children in Cuba, as well as those with disabilities receive full state support and attention.

Granma International | 27 June 2013

State of the World’s Children report launched in Havana

THE annual UNICEF report on the State of the World’s Children, this year dedicated to children with disabilities, has been launched in the Cuban capital.

Seija Toro, UNICEF representative in Havana, praised Cuba’s work in this population sector and thanked the state for its transparency in facilitating statistics related to attention given to minors, information difficult to compile in other countries.

Education services in Cuba for children and young adults with some kind of disability are based on principles of equality, justice and social commitment, the UNICEF official observed.

Toro stated that these minors are among the most vulnerable in many nations, because they frequently suffer from exploitation and neglect, and have fewer possibilities of receiving medical attention and education.

However, with 39, 340 differently abled students in the current educational year, Cuba has placed children in a privileged position, and one of the distinctive traits is the comprehensive nature of services they receive, she commented.

This is achieved through inter-disciplinary teams of doctors, speech therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and specialized educators, in many cases in a personalized form.

Roberto Álvarez Fumero, director of the Ministry of Public Health’s Infant-Maternal Department, emphasized preventive work and the early detection of disabilities in Cuba, where incidences stand at just 3.2%, in comparison with the figure of 10% in the rest of Latin America.

Children born with some kind of limitation, physical or mental, can always count of multidisciplinary attention directed at their maximum social achievement,” he stated. (PL/AIN)


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