The increasing political participation of indigenous peoples in Latin America was praised by UNDP.

UN Praises Greater Political Inclusion of Indigenous People

United Nation, May 22 (Prensa Latina) The United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) today praised the increasing political participation of indigenous peoples in Latin America over the past two decades, but also recommended encouraging the inclusion of women. This global institution cited in a report Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru as the countries that favored an increase in indigenous movements and supported them with Internet access, social networking and mobile phones.

UNDP also highlighted in the text other factors such as the expansion of the rights of the sector following the signing of international agreements and the increase of government entities to address and solve their problems.

But it said that the inclusion of women is still a challenge, especially in developed nations because Native women are victims of gender discrimination, because they belong to indigenous segments and are poor.

The document suggests eliminating many countries’ rules that set quotas to limit access of the women to political parties and public offices.

UNDP presented the document during the twelfth session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues which began in New York yesterday with a view to analyze the political, economic, social and cultural issues affecting those communities.

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Prensa Latina


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