Civil Defense Exercise Takes Place in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba.- In an effort to further reduce the country’s vulnerabilities in the event of hurricanes and other natural phenomena, Cubans began the civil defense exercise known as Meteoro 2013, which runs Saturday and Sunday, just few days before the beginning of the hurricane season in the Caribbean area.

On Saturday, all National Defense staffs and command posts throughout the island, a well as units of the armed forces and the Interior Ministry are considering and updating plans against catastrophes and other actions relevant to the upcoming hurricane season, which runs June 1 to November 30.

On Sunday, the exercise will focus on the preparation of the people and their assessing of risks, the protection of property and economic resources.

This training started in 1986 as part of the system of measures adopted by the Cuban Civil Defense authority. The setting up of early warning systems is a major and effective step in the national strategy to cushion the effects of unpredictable national phenomena, since these systems involve scientific and technical institutions.

Other important links in the chain of actions is the participation of Defense Councils units for Catastrophes, communication means, the mass media and grassroots organizations grouping the majority of the population.

United Nations agencies and other international organizations have considered Cuba as an example to follow in the training of the population and authorities to face natural phenomena.


Source: Radio Rebelde


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