Cuba, best country in Latin America for maternity

LONDON, May 7.— Cuba is the best country in Latin America, and 33rd in the world for maternity, according to the international organization Save the Children, which promotes the rights of childhood.

Upon compiling its list, Save the Children, headquartered in London, takes into account factors such as health care, health, education and the economic situation of mothers, as well as infant mortality rates.

Top of the list, which includes 176 countries, is Finland, while the 10 countries at the bottom of the list are all in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Within the Latin American and Caribbean region, Cuba is in first place at No. 33, ahead of Argentina (36), Costa Rica (41), Mexico (49) and Chile (51).

According to Beat Rohr, Save the Children’s Latin America Director, there are huge disparities in the region. He adds that when mothers “have education, economic and political opportunities, and maternal and child health care, [they have] the best chance to survive and thrive,” as well as the society in which they live.

It is estimated that over one million newborn babies worldwide could be saved every year if there were universal availability of products such as corticosteroid injections for treating mothers during premature births, so as to avoid infant death due to respiratory problems, as well as resuscitation incubators for babies born not breathing, chlorhexidine for cleaning the umbilical cord to prevent infection, and injectable antibiotics. (PL)

Source: Granma International

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