Cubans Living Abroad Condemn Campaigns against their Country

Many associations of Cuban residents in Spain have repudiated recent provocations by right-wing groups based in the United States off the coast of the island.

We strongly condemn this type of action, which does not reflect the deep feeling towards our country which most of those who live outside it profess, reads the final declaration of a meeting of that group, held in Bilbao, reported Prensa Latina.

More than thirty representatives of six associations of Cubans living in the regions of Madrid, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y León, Navarra, La Rioja and the Basque Country met this weekend in this city in northern Spain.

The approach to the coast of Cuba, on Friday, by a fleet of the so-called Democracy Movement, based in Miami, Florida, was also censured by the First Meeting of Cuban Residents in Andalusia and Extremadura, based in Seville.

Both meetings discussed ways to defend Cuba from the smear campaigns against it, incited by the U.S. government, particularly those who seek to place into question respect for human rights.

They expressed their total support for the reorganization of the economic policy of the Caribbean nation, promoted by the government of President Raul Castro to update the socialist model, without external conditions and free to exercise of their sovereignty.

We feel part of the economic and social development of our country, as opposed to the failed and unequal economic model that still prevails in the world, with the premise of building a more just society for all, according to the text adopted in Seville.

Attendees at the forums in the Basque city and the capital of Andalusia demanded the immediate release of the Five Cubans imprisoned in the United States, for more than 13 years, for combating terrorism.

They also denounced the resurgence of the long lasting economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by Washington on Havana, which is the main obstacle to the social development of the island.

In Bilbao and Seville the meetings were attended, respectively, by the consuls of Cuba in Madrid, René Legrá, and Andalusia, Ulysses Arranz.

American Hostility against Cuba Repudiated in Egypt

Cubans living in Egypt have condemned the economic blockade and other hostile actions by the U.S. against the Caribbean island, and expressed confidence in the measures taken to upgrade the country’s economic model.

In the second national meeting of the Association of Cuban Residents in Egypt, the participants discussed current affairs in Cuba, with special emphasis on the battle for the release of the Five Cubans unfairly imprisoned in United States, reported Prensa Latina.

The intensification of the economic, financial and commercial blockade by Washington against Havana, despite the overwhelming rejection of this practice in the UN General Assembly, devoted a lot of exchanges between West Indians living in Cairo and in the town of Hurghada.

In this regard, participants received a substantial explanation from the Cuban ambassador Otto Vaillant about what he called the economic war that goes beyond the bilateral level and is involving third countries.

Vaillant also outlined what he described as the main areas that the Cuban government is immersed in to deal with the American encirclement and to update the economic model with decisions with wide popular acceptance.

Cuban internationalist Grimilda Barbier recognized the work of the Revolution by sending thousands of doctors, teachers and technicians into various fields who make their contribution to many countries, besides training many professionals in the Caribbean nation.

The second meeting was originally scheduled for June but was postponed due to the political situation in Egypt, she said, for her part, the Cuban consul Gisela Sosa, who also urged residents to maintain links with their country of origin.

The president of the Residents’ Association, Victor Barbier, presented a report on the activities undertaken in 2011, despite the political upheaval in the country, and with his compatriots laid a wreath before the bust of Cuban national hero José Martí.

The gathering commended the usefulness of a Cuban blog in Egypt. The film Habanastation was screened, and they included reading stories by Martí, playgrounds and Little Finger allegorical drawings, as well as reading to the children several stories from the Golden Age.

The meeting closed the Cubans enjoying a tasty sample of their traditional dishes and a festive atmosphere in which there were unavoidable casino dancing and games of dominoes. (Granma)


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