PRESS RELEASE: The personal example and the force of truth against gross and infamous defamation and disrespect

Press release
Embassy of Cuba to the Philippines

“The personal example and the force of truth against gross and infamous defamation and disrespect”

Unintentionally and taking advantage of the current national political Philippine scene, the Jesuit lawyer and priest Joaquin Bernas was awarded the highest honor to the President Benigno S. Aquino, comparing him with a world-class personality as the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

A few head of governments have actually received such high honor. Should be thoroughly inquire what were the real motives that led the constitutionalist priest to do such comparison and would also ask if he really understands the concept of dictator.

With a simple memory exercise against the apparent state of amnesia he’s suffering and if he would had a seriously willing to objectively approach to the history of Latin America and Cuba in particular, would be easy to Father Bernas to clearly remember the brutal and bloody dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, which seized power through a coup in 1952 and killed over 20 000 Cubans, with the full logistical, financial and military support of the U.S government in that time.

Precisely against this murderous dictatorship was that Fidel Castro and a group of young revolutionaries fought tirelessly to defeat it and to return to our people the true independence, after more than 60 years of neo-colonial, corrupt and dictatorial regimes, which plunged Cuba into extreme poverty, underdevelopment and a total dependence on US imperialism. For many years, until 1959, when the Revolution triumphed, Cuba was dominated by high rates of ill health, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption and many other high endemic problems of those neo-colonial and submissive regimes.

Father Bernas is well aware that the Cuban Revolution took a radical turn to the above mentioned situation and despite the genocidal economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed upon us by powerful northern neighbor for over 50 years and attacks of various kinds that have had to suffer, the Cuban Revolution has gotten many achievements in benefit of its people, which are recognized around the world. It highlighted the high standards and professionalism of our professionals in the areas of health, education, sports, culture, among others. These services are offered free of charge to the entire population, without distinction or discrimination based on race, sex or social extraction.
Eleven consecutive US administrations have failed in their purpose of destroying the Cuban Revolution. Neither the financial and commercial blockade, nor mercenary invasions, countless terrorist activities, manipulative and deceitful media campaigns, radio and television aggression, ideological subversion, among others, have been or will ever break the will of resistance and unity of our people around the Revolution and its leaders.

The United States will never forgive us we have made a real revolution and we have been able to maintain our sovereignty and independence and in turn offer our solidarity aid to many countries around the world. Taking into account that have not been, nor will ever destroy the Cuban Revolution, they have no other choice than to take the resort of slander, lies and media manipulation by spurious and defamatory campaigns. It is regrettable that renowned figures from the religious and academic world like Jesuit priest Joaquin Bernas lend themselves to such an unfortunate role as a mercenary in the service of lies promoted by the empire.

President Aquino was to be born or even was a very small child when Comrade Fidel Castro was since several years ago a renowned revolutionary leader recognized worldwide. For over 50 years of hard and relentless struggle against all forms of aggression and adversity, precisely coinciding with the age of President Aquino, the Cuban revolutionary leader has managed to uphold the core values and the most sacred principles of the Cuban Revolution and its people, such as: unity, sovereignty, independence and adherence to the true and to the strict ethical, humanitarian and internationalist precepts which history has ever known. This has been materialized in our proclamation or historic commitment: “Motherland or death, we will overcome”.

The Cuban Revolution has dignified it people, ensuring all basic human rights, like the right to food security, free access to the health and education services, as well as to the culture, sport and other fundamental rights. At the same time, Cuba has been able to assist other peoples of the world, offering them a generous and selfless help. On the other hand, the Cuban Revolution eradicated forever the practices of tortures, forced disappearances, extrajudicial executions and other abominable practices of previous dictatorial and neocolonial governments.

The authenticity of the Cuban Revolution is given precisely by its very essence: it is a revolution of the humble, by the humble and in benefit of the humble. There hasn’t been a copy of any other model or project of socialism. Backed by the overwhelm majority of our population, which is freely expressed at the polls during the election processes we developed every five years with the utmost transparency, broad participation and popular support.
In Cuba, the people nominate and elect their representatives, from the base to the national Parliament. The Communist Party does not nominate any candidate for election or campaigning for election, as take places in many countries of the world. That is why both our historic leader Fidel Castro, as the current President Raul Castro, as well as the other leaders of the Revolution, have the majority popular support and have been elected by the free will of the Cuban people. They have preached all his life with the personal example of total dedication, loyalty to the Revolution and the people, consecration, great patriotism and selflessness in the service of our people. So, every year more than 8 million Cubans march through all the revolution squares along the country to commemorate the international workers day and to express their support to Fidel, Raul and the Revolution. No government that doesn’t have the support of its people can achieve this level of masses mobilization and support.

Like Father Joaquin Bernas, it seems that also Secretary Leyla De Lima hasn’t clear the real meaning of the dictator and demagogy’s concepts and doesn’t know properly or had already forgotten the history. Is also evident the great and malicious ignorance showed by them on the long revolutionary and consecrated life of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution in benefit of his people and the whole world. We encourage them to study and analyze it in depth, because Fidel Castro is one of the greatest statesmen ever known in the modern history, who has been always respected and recognized even by his enemies.
Instead of being offended, may be President Aquino would wish to express his gratefulness to the Father Joaquin Bernas, by the deference he had toward his person when compared him with the Cuban Revolution leader.
Cuba always welcomes and is fully committed with the principle of the strict respect of the internal affairs of the Philippines, like the rest of the countries of the world, but flatly rejects the gross and infamous defamation, manipulations and disrespect against its historic leader Fidel Castro, our current President Raul Castro and the all members of the Revolution leadership, wherever they come from, because this kind of attitudes and projections are a clear shows of a total disregard to our country and only serve and satisfy the spurious interests of those who are seeking to demonize and destroy the Revolution.

Manila, December 9, 2011
Embassy of Cuba to the Philippines


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