Cuba Regards US Flotilla as a Provocation

Havana.- The sending of a flotilla organized by extremist anti-Cuban groups based in Miami, Florida, USA, towards the Cuban coasts, constitutes a provocation, said a Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry official in Havana Friday.
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During a video conference at the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry host building Friday, on the US government’s double standard regarding terrorism, Cuban specialist Rene Mujica, from the Foreign Ministry, considered the action is after political objectives.

Mujica said the US government is informed on the concerns on the consequences of such deeds, organized by Miami’s Movimiento Democracia (Democracy Movement) which might represent problems for the Caribbean country.

Jose Luis Mendez, investigator of the Cuban Interior Minister’s Studies Center, said that actions of this kind, carried out in 17 previous occasions, have as a purpose to disturb the peace of Cuban citizens.

The US government authorized the departure of the ships, which purpose is to throw fireworks and send television and radio signals to Cuba.

Light emissions are prejudicial for air circulation while radio and TV signals might interfere in Cuban transmissions, in violation of national sovereignty.

"This is not simple fireworks. This is all a provocation campaign including this incursion and a call to civil disobedience," Mendez said.

Miami’s Movimiento Democracia was created by Ramon Saul Sanchez Rizo, a member of terrorist groups Jovenes de la Estrella (Star’s Youngsters), the Organization for the Liberation of Cuba and others.

An article published by Cuban newspaper Granma Friday said Rizo has a extensive file on criminal actions, arrests and light penal sentences, despite he has organized dozens of attacks against Cuban ships and diplomatic missions.

Source: Periodico

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