Statement on the further injustice against Rene Gonzalez and the Cuban Five

The Philippines-Cuba Friendship Association or Amistad and its Free the Cuban 5 Committee together with all its allied and member organizations, condemn in the strongest possible terms the further injustice being undertaken by US imperialism against Rene Gonzalez and the continuing unjust incarceration of the rest of the Cuban Five.


The release of Rene Gonzalez from solitary detention and into the arms of Florida-based self-confessed international terrorists such as Luis Posada Carilles is no real freedom and vindication for Compañero Rene. In fact, it is nothing but a death sentence for him, as he will be living side by side with counter-revolutionaries and terrorists who have made it their life’s work to ensure the destruction of the Cuban revolution and the elimination of Cuban patriots such as Rene.


The release of Rene Gonzalez, including its unjust and absurd conditions is clear proof that US imperialism continues to hold the lives of the Cuban Five hostage to punish the Cuban people for choosing to be free from imperialist control from 1959 until today.


Their illegal detention subsists, despite insurmountable evidence that no crime had ever been committed against the American people and government. In fact, it is because of their revolutionary work that terrorist acts, objectionable to all of humanity, had been discovered, prevented and foiled.


What is clear, however, is that the real terrorists and traitors remain free, and protected even, by no less than the US government itself. Posada Carilles, after his unjust release from US custody, walks freely in the streets of the United States, despite clear and convincing proof that it was he who had masterminded the murder of all the passengers and crew in that fateful Cubana plane bombing in 1976.


Such an unjust policy on the Cuban Five had always been expected from the US government, which stands responsible for bloody military aggression against the Cuban people and other freedom-loving peoples of the world, and for condemning to decades of suffering the Cuban people in its political and economic blockade of the Republic of Cuba.


Nonetheless, international solidarity has been growing to secure the release of the Cuban Five and their return to Cuba, without any preconditions such as that imposed on Rene Gonzales. In the Philippines, AMISTAD and its Free the Cuban 5 Committee had been organizing forums and other activities to drumbeat support for the Cuban Five and press the US government to end the injustice being inflicted on the Cuban Five.


We demand the unconditional release of the Cuban Five by the Obama administration, and their immediate repatriation to Cuba! Repatriate Rene Gonzalez to Cuba now!


October 18, 2011



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