Cuba Promotes Anti-Cancer Medicine in Europe

Vidatox 30CH, a Cuban medicine for cancer that is 100 percent homeopathic, may soon be on the European market if a sales and promotion campaign now underway by the LABIOFAM group is successful.

Vidatox 30CH is a Cuban medicine for cancer.

Oniel Diaz, general director of the Virus and Bacteria Vaccines Departmen of the Cuban company Labiofam, told reporters he was optimistis about meetings held in the United Kingdom, Belgium and France.

Not only did the new medicine attract interest, but much interest was seen in trade relations with Cuba and other natural products from Labiofam, such as Acitan (antioxidant) and Asmacan (bronchodilator), Diaz said.

Interest was also shown in Bactivec and Griselesf, used to fight the vectors that spread dengue and malaria, and successfully applied in African nations, where Labiofam has extensive experience and relations, Diaz said.

Labiofam will continue its promotion campaign in Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland and Norway, Diaz said.

repost from Escambray


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